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AutoCAD was one of the first Computer Aided Design programs to be made available on personal computers. It is built to help people design buildings, products, or public spaces, without having to draw up plans by hand. It was released in 1982 by Autodesk
In Japan Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. Farms in the range of 10 kilometers from nuclear power plants. Many animal have been left like cattle,cat, and dog Many animal are dying from starvation.
Every country have it own law some give death sentence to murdered and some country only give imprisonment for only few year, does death sentence needed to punish criminal. Death is too good for the criminal they will never learn about they mistake just died without ever repent. so do...
School is a place where student gather and study but bullying always exist in school, Children that have been bullying will have emotional scar that will last for a moment or for his entire life. Save your children from become bully and save other children too from being bullying How ...
War only happen because human have a intent to destroy the enemies and want to conquer other, it will not stop until they realized it is futile to continue the war because they cannot win.
Earth age have exist for a long time but human still cannot estimate the earth exactly age even now human still try to find how old earth it is. Earth is very old now, even a planet eventually will die too.
Most of people that live in this world at least have experience in using internet, expect for people that live in undeveloped area, why because in some country internet service provider price is too expensive and it only give a average speed compare to developed country
This true story based on my experience at 14 april 2011, the worst day in this year because i my family lose a great amount of money and i lose the money that i have save up for one year it being stole just like that. and it make me regret to never use the money, to eat food,buy thing...
Is veal really tasty than normal beef, do even you know calf short life, help the calf now by stopping eating veal you a least can save 1 calf from being treated like this, The calf life is short and suffer for 24 week and in the end it ended being kill and we human eat it without kno...
Since when did book appear in this world, do people realized the contribution of book to us human civilizations
Do you ever think about the life that exist beside us human
Every human in this world has a different existence, but what is so different between them? The answer is their way of thinking and way of doing it. Do you even know what is your existence and do you even think about the existence that better than you and try to be like that too, ever...
now day making money from internet is pay by click, survey,make money by taking request from the member of the website or make request yourself
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