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Trying out Wikinut to test my writing skills and to share some information.
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Recent pages by EasyWriter

A "how to" guide for my "how to" guide. This guide will help you navigate some of the guides I have written and how to use them.
This page will tell you an introduction to how Foreign Exchange Trading works.
This is a letter I have composed to some apples about how much I enjoy them and some problems people may have with them, as little as those may be.
This is a guide to shopping carts and their many features that are unappreciated,
This is a letter to a kumquat, which can be a rather confusing fruit.
This is a letter to a raccoon who has been rather mischievous lately.
The image is public domain and the text is never before published.
This is a letter I have addressed to a squirrel about its role in life.
A letter to sheep to show how much they are appreciated and are needed by all.
This is an open letter to a rabbits everywhere and their status in society.
This page is about a poem about the substance essential to sustain life.
This page will inform you on the different types of lighter out there and how they would function in different emergency situations.
A poem about an ant and his journey in everyday life.
With summer approaching, this is a poem about fans.
A poem about a bird and its life of flight and fancy.
This is a poem about a skunk and what he may have to do in a typical day.
A guide to ducks and their characteristics and habitat.
A short poem about a fish and its journey in a lake. An all around story about a good time.
Learn more about this majestic bird and its sometimes misunderstood taxonomy.
This page is about ducks and their different characteristics.
This page is about a column on chairs and their varieties.
Parker continues with his work as he discusses the evil in aesthetics and possible solutions to it.
This page is about the different types of cars that exist.
A page about nature and wildlife you might see at the park.
The page is about four large airplanes that take their place in history.
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