Abere Ibukun Daniel

Abere Ibukun Daniel
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I am the WHY person.I believe everybody is the best.When they believe.
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love has life,spirit,soul and body.The rate at which we love is equal to the love we love our life.
Both leader and the led have the responsibility of bringing Nigeria to unlimited greatness and rich fulfillment. Everybody have a part to play. Our success as a nation falls back to leadership. Our greatest enemy, challenge, and the clog in our wheel of progress is bad leadership
God created a business and created a brand called EARTH. He planned and executed the initial stage of the product development of the business. And to sustain maximum return on investment and time used in developing the various products, He held a meeting with The Host of Heaven, and t...
“Our thinking creates problem which the same level of thinking can't solve” Albert Einstein Our level of thinking in Nigeria brought us to where we are today. Our thought provides possibilities and at the same time provides things that limit those possibilities.
If we continue using our old ways of thinking to describe our current situation we get nothing more than “orthodox experiment disclosing orthodox novelty” Alfred North Whitehead.New way of thinking about policy formation
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