The rockin rat

The rockin rat
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Biology student and the creator of Drredfrizzle biology videos
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Looks at the good and bad points of the bus parking app bus parking 2 for ipad in which you park a bus at varying difficulty environments consisting of grey bollards in a big map,
A poem about cycling on modern roads with the pressures of modern society on people to get to where they want to go
Explains the correct technique to use to brush your teeth in the proper way. Points out the issues with not brushing and highlights the regularity which teeth should be brushed
If you stay out there at night .... All sounds appear to donate fright
Goes into how Facebook can be a useful tool for socialising but can also have a negative impact on the social health of people.
A review of the computer game tanks and it's benefits and drawbacks
A poem describing the awesome atmosphere in a bubbly bath
A poem about a hat and how a hat should be used to get optimum satisfaction
A poem about the loss of the ability to remember and see for old age people
Describing the monster who can guess who it truly is and where it rests.
A poem relating to a little girl and a magical prize
A rhyme with a clear meaning to show young children how forgiveness is important so that they can grow up to respect others
Another story told by rhyme in a poem with an important moral.
Discusses the various organelles present in an animal cell and briefly discusses what they are used for
Unique story poem with important message about a guy named reggae rum and a Girl called Freya.
Explains why it is good and why it is not so good to ride a bike instead of having a car
Explains how detoxification from alcohol works explains a brief outline of phase 1 and phase 2 processes and the stages involved.
Details the general structure and function of enzymes
Details the levels of protein structure and the relevance with regard to enzyme specificity.
Explains advantages and disadvantages with using IT for young learning in schools
Explains a few key features of small and large bats
An article putting fatty acids in context in their relation to cholesterol production and maintenance of cholesterol levels
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