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David Thornton
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Gardening expert with over thirty years of experience with intensive organic gardening research. The main focus of my articles will be to teach others how to create a limited space intensive gardening system and save time and money.
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Planning the early intensive garden beds with plant combinations that will get you maximum yields, make the best use of the space you have available, and make the most efficient use of available water resources.
This information is necessary for planning your intensive garden beds. For planning what to grow for fresh use, successive planting for continuation of fresh organic crops, to get more for your food storage, and plan your watering system.
The information in this article will get you thinking about how much you want to grow for fresh use from your intensive garden beds, planning for your food storage, and the most important element of the intensive organic gardening system is the design of the beds.
By understanding the intensive gardening system, you can determine how much to grow, calculate what you can get from the space that you have available, and make a plan to grow in your intensive garden.
Knowing what to grow when you only have a small space, the space needs to be used efficiently, and there are some crops that you might not want to grow. The space can be better used by growing others. Mix early, mid, and late-season crops to make the best use of your space.
The secret to growing a productive intensive gardening system is in the initial preparation. Stake your plot, turn the soil, and determine what to grow that will make the best use of your space.
Plot preparation fall or spring? When to start preparing so that crops can be planted as early as possible? What you need to get started? These questions will be answered in this article, then you can begin staking, and preparing the plot for your beds.
Learn the secret to growing a productive intensive garden. Select an adequate site, use beds instead of conventional rows, use drip irrigation instead of overhead watering, and grow sprawling plants vertically to conserve space.
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