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Hi...I suddenly remember ABBA ..I am nothing special...hope you like what I write, and I like what you write.
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India is spending on building statues when it should be spending on river linking. In any event how is statue of one leader from one state good enough for uniting the country?
I am sorry Yakub Memon was executed. I think capital punishment is a reverse gear, in my country. I am also appalled by the fact that this punishment which does not seem to have any positive effect is considered right by some in our country. I was shocked with what the lady on yesterd...
I am not sure that the Apex court should merely be following the lines in the book, which are often inconsistent with the time and situation. I think judges are supposed to take cognizance of the situation when they send a man to death.
Every Indian knows that Yakub Memon is to be hanged. But are we doing the right thing? Of course, lot of time has passed since Memon's days, and therefore, Memon is of no use to the dreaded terrorist, Dawood Ibrahim.
Building temples, churches, masjids, gurudwaras, etc., is not necessary to emphasize faith. It creates competition in religions.
Of course, these are not the only few I read. I just thought they had something that stirred some unusual thinking. I express my thoughts, without inhibitions, hoping that somebody will see merit in them.
How is justice served if a criminal is given meaningless punishment? By that I mean, if a person gets 10 years imprisonment for one crime, and 100 years (?) imprisonment for another, how can we even think that crimes will stop?
The book keeper at Auschwitz has been pronounced guilty and sentenced for 4 years. Does it make sense to you? It does not to me.
I am not very good with the site as yet. But I do feel that the site can be improved a little bit. I was looking for deleting the read message, only one line for all messages on the page, bunching articles and shorter posts.
There are several words that do not make sense in English, but native English speakers do not question them like people following a religion do not question inconsistencies. I am going to highlight a few that amuse me.
I am talking about Nithin Gadkari's proposal to do that. He wants to offer incentive to Indians for replacing their old cars with new cars so that the government can get almost 100000 INR as taxes.
It is no secret that cases in this country can go on for several years. The whole world heard of December 16 gang rape in a bus. But the outcome is not yet certain.
Children often become the bone of contention in Indian divorce cases. Cases prolong. One of the judges has recently come up with a proposal to let parents have joint custody rather than letting only one of the parent get whole and sole rights on the child. The fine print is not yet ou...
In India there are different sets of laws for different communities or religion. It complicates the judicial process. A common civil code will help.
Recent expose on Indian members of parliament eating meals that are almost 100 percent subsidized is going to have worse consequences.
Aren't we helping spread awareness about Islamic State and other racial hatred when we discuss it?
There is a general misconception that Yoga is a way to spread Hinduism, rather force it down the gullet.
In idealistic world, there are no wrongs. But the world is far from idealistic. Racial prejudices are part of the system we created ourselves.
When we accept that we should have a choice as far as clothing, home, objects, jobs, and even things are concerned, we give ourselves a choice of races.
I think she cannot plead innocence considering that she is an advocate.
I never thought much about the words but now that I think about this hymn, I am kind of confused how it qualifies as a praise or prayer.
I am going through some of those feelings right now. And the sad part of it is, I don't know how to come out of it.
Would you like to lower your blood sugar? From 200 to 100? Try fenu greek powder.
I have read many posts online about why everybody should be allowed to carry a gun in the US. I beg to differ.
Is perfection in language mandatory for expressing your opinion on any social media site?
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