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My name is Trillionaire,
My passion is writing about life. How to believe, and live.
How to give to one another, and cherish, honor and be kind to your brother.
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Recent pages by Trillionaire

We desire the approval of many people, but we fail to realize their evaluations means nothing. They did not make you, and as long as you respect them, and honor them by showing love, God will always have the final say.
There is power in the name of Jesus, when you are hopeless, and feel all is gone, you can call on the name of Jesus. There is power in the name.
People learn from things that happen to them in their life, they also have a chance to change it , if they have the strength to live it through.
Don't give up on life because of temporary disappointments. Disappointments will cause you to become better not bitter.
Pain is not exempt it will live anywhere, we have to change what we are doing, in order for our life to change.
How do you make a difference in life? Are you contributing to others?
What do you do when you are misunderstood, and your words are on a flipped script. People are talking about you, because they misunderstood, what you said, and now they are poisoning other people's opinion about you.
Whose world are you living in? Why are you not winning the battles in life.
Life is so beautiful, at times we get so occupied with things that don't really matter, and we lose focus on the things that really count. Take steps to live a more productive life, you still have time.
You bloom every time you share you deposit what you know in someone else. What are you giving away, that will enhance someone else's life.
A poem for my son for Father's Day. Reminding Him that God is everything you will ever need. He has questions , and answers to all things.
Celebrate your father every day, you only live once, what you do now is what will last forever.
Words from the heart are simple and true. They are not fabricated, just meaningful, and simple.
Challenges are learning points that will give you the opportunity to excel in every situation you face. Adversity is not meant for you to give up on life, it is to show you your strengths.
People are exceptional, and it is not the amount of time that you live, it is the quality of life you live.
People find peace in a lot of things. Where do you find peace? The world will always give you a counterfeit experience. But in the presence of God you can have a true experience with the father.
How to raise children does not come with a book, but being a parent doesn't either. What do parents do, when their children appear or might be going in the wrong direction.
Are you living in a strange land? Have you made Heaven your home?
Success is not just what you have, it is what you do to maintain it, and how you accomplished it.
You might not understand a person, or their views, but you can respect them.
Life is made up of difference, there is something on the inside of you that make you who you are.
There are so many people that serve our country. Some paid the price with their life, others are serving unselfishly for people all over the world. Thank you.
Life is made up of neighbors, church members, people you work with, your health, and family. I think that there are so many people who have been hurt by losing their loved ones, their jobs, some don't have a church family,or don't trust people period and some are experiencing health p...
Don't allow tough times to dictate the decisions you make.
Relationships are very important in life. People are not made to be by themselves. Relationships should be protected.
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