Elspeth Glenn

Elspeth Glenn
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Elspeth Glenn is a writer, storyteller, arts educator & presentation skills coach. Her work has been published in 'The Lorelei Signal', 'Vitality' magazine, 'So to Speak' and in various anothologies.
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Recent pages by Elspeth Glenn

This is the third in a series of articles written on the subject of improving platform skills for the public speaker. It also the addresses of commitment to excellence in any pursuit.
Preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Irene got this story brewing in my head.
This is the second in a series of articles of developing platform skills for the professional speaker written by actor, storyteller and presentation skills coach, E. Glenn.
This article is first in a series of exploring effective platform skills for the public speaker written by actor/storyteller and presentation skills coach E. Glenn.
This piece is a whimsical take on every writer's occasional dilemma - writer's block - and a suggestion for the way out.
My neighbour's dog does his business on my lawn. This short offering is what I'd like to say to her.
My daughter was diagnosed in Grade 2 with a learning disability. In dealing with this issue, I learned the importance of parent advocacy to overcome the expectations of failure that come with an L.D. diagnosis. And in the end I came to see that my daughter did not have a 'disabilit...
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