Christopher James

Christopher James
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Christopher James was born in London (London baby!) and now lives and writes in Jakarta, Indonesia. He writes about all sorts!
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Recent pages by Christopher James

This was written to a prompt. He has a dangerous job that she considers an obstacle to their marriage. But, in this short, funny, sweet, sad story, his job ends up bringing them closer together.
Marjorie's husband, Stanley, is a relentless practical joker. After he goes too far, Marjorie decides to fight back, with magical results.
A very dark, very funny short story about one couple's attempts to solve a marriage crisis.
This is me trying something new again. A paranoid fantasy. I had been reading a lot of George Saunders when I wrote this.
I tried something new and different with this. I think it's a little bit Haruki Murukami, in that it's kind of mysterious. A lady arrives at a coffee shop to meet a scary man. What is she there for? What does he want? Don't read this story if you like everything wrapped up neatly and ...
George and Alice have been married a long time, and life is not a bed of roses for them. They take a holiday, maybe hoping a change would be as good as a rest. But things don't go all according to plan. A funny short story with a tinge of sadness in the mix.
Whether you're visiting London or live here and fancy seeing something new, sometimes the number of choices open to you can be overwhelming. Here are a few things you might not find in all of the tourguides. Take your camera with you, because there are some great photo opportunities.
Liwu comes home from school in a hurry. In this short story we find out why, and find out what he's going to do about it. A funny revenge tale, this is a follow up to The Twist, also published here on wikinut, and it contains some of the same characters.
A very short story, introducing a few characters I've fallen a little bit in love with. Hanyan, her sister Aimee, their father, Lee, and, right at the end, the baby. A very funny pregnancy mystery with a twist (heehee) at the end.
A short, funny, bittersweet story about George. George wants to understand something that maybe none of us can ever really understand
How to make perfect sushi. A how-to guide on making the perfect sushi rice, with tips on keeping it just the right amount of sticky. Advice on rolling. And a lovely picture of one I made earlier.
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