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I am a 28-year-old with cerebral palsy. I always have wanted to be a writer as far back as I can remember. I like writing poetry and short stories.I tend to write a little on the dark side. I also like to write about vampires and other fictional monsters.I like to write articles about topics that are important topics to me; but, I usually write about usually that are going on in my life.Every thing I write has bits pieces of me in there somewhere.
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My experience at Presque Isle Downs and Casino. The games were cheaper than the buffet.
This is a sequel poem to Spirits In This House.This is a poem where the living must fight the dead to live in their house.
This is about having to deal with paranormal activity in your house.
This is a poem about demonic possession. This is about the dark part of you slowly taking control of you, and you have to fight like hell not to let it win.
This is my writing advice on how to write a good content article.
This is my evaluation of the Snowball microphone from Blue.
This article will explain how a budget cut for in-home health care may affect my life and the way I choose to live.
This is about my discovery of e-booksand what a difference it has made in my life..
While firefighters responded to a small grease fire, they discovered a 14-month-old girl stuffed inside a suitcase.
A picture-perfect mother in new Hampshire murders six-year-old son.
This is about my horrible shaving experience, that forced me to find an alternative to shaving my armpit.
These are some of the frustrations I am faced with when writing for content website.
This article is about why I don't think we should care about bin Laden died.
A closer look at what may drive a mother to kill her disabled child.
My political views on Barack Obamaand our financial crisis. I believe we have a long road to becoming financially stable.
This is my thoughts on Charlie Sheen's mental decline.
This article is about the legend of Cupacabra, otherwise known as the goat sucker.
Super Nitendo was the Best Gaming System Ever. Super Nitendo helped me interact with family and friends.
This is about the paranormal phenomenon known as spectrophilia. Spectrophilia is when people and ghost have sexual relations.
This is the drinking system I use to independently give myself a drink.
I wrote this short story when I was about nineteen.
Mother chooses farnvile over the needs of her three-month-old child.
Separating myth from fact about high fructose corn syrup, otherwise known as corn syrup.
This is a poem about how hard it can be to let go of someone who has moved on without you.
This is a poem about a writer's job to inspire different emotions from the readers.
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