Thomas Lowe

Thomas Lowe
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Im a person who like writing sports articles and news articles. I also like talking about different subjects.
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Serena win the U.S open coming in the first seed winning her 18th title.
Lady tries to burn her ex-boyfriend house down by using coal and bacon.
About us fighting overseas and how we need to work on issues in the country first, then worry about everybody else.
Parent are worried about their children playing football. They think it's unsafe and worried about concussions.
How our generation are setting their self on fire to get attention
California been going through a serious drought and people are taking it in their owb hands to get water.
The Redskins might be losing their name because people think its inappropriate.
Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence nude photos was released by a hacker.
Our cruise to Alaska we took last summer. It was a very fun trip and I hope we U could go back soon.
Ray Allen conttact is up for the Heat and NBA teams are looking forward to getting him.
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