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Recent pages by RBJBrian

Brian is a nerd and a geek of many interests. In this article, he will examine his interest in sci-fi. Specifically, what his favorite shows and movies are from this genre, and comments on contemporary releases of some vintage classics.
In this rant, Brian goes off about the plethora of remastered games being released for the current gen systems. None of the consoles are innocent - as all have committed the crime. He discusses examples from Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS, Sony's Playstation 4, and the Microsoft Xbox One....
Cord Cutting is the term that refers to the processes of either getting rid of cable/satellite service, or reducing your bill by lowering your package with the cable/satellite company. There are several options that you can try, and likely you’ll probably choose a couple of them be...
In this article, I look to describe my personal connection with the word 'resilience.' Specifically, I detail my life's journey so far, discussing what gives me my drive to move forward, and steps I've taken to achieve my dreams.
Brian reminisces about the top ten news stories regarding video games in 2014. Such topics include the DDoS attacks, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Destiny, remastered games, Xbox price drops, Watchdogs, Twitch, and more!
Brian is a nerd and a geek of many interests. In this article, he will examine his interest in podcasting. Specifically, what it is, his influences, and examples of his favorite shows.
In this article, Brian rants about his concerns with shopping cart etiquette.
In his latest installment of That Makes Cents, Brian discusses possible money saving opportunities out there when it comes to buying disposable razors. He compares three recent start-ups that are putting a dent in Gillette's business model forcing them to make changes of their own.
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