Georgia Lund

Georgia Lund
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Ms. Lund is a freelance writer who enjoys gardening and sharing her knowledge through the Georgia Master Gardener program. Ms. Lund is a heart attack survivor who has educated herself in a variety of health, wellness and fitness topics. Ms. Lund is also passionate about recycling, DIY home improvement projects, crafts and quilting.
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These three natural sweeteners are healthy sugar substitutes that provide more flavor and vitamins than sugar.
This unique, no-sew craft tote bag is easy to make and allows you to show off a photo of your dog everywhere you go.
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Placing these things in the backyard will invite a wide variety of birds over for the summer.
One container, planted with the right garden flower combination, will attract hummingbirds all summer. Here are three container garden combinations to choose from.
Answers to frequently asked questions about hummingbirds.
Poison ivy is a hardy plant that takes up to a year to completely kill. This article gives valuable information on the steps needed for killing poison ivy
Bird suet can be made cheaply and easily at home with these recipes.
Bring a taste of the tropics to your next backyard BBQ by using a Hawaiian beach party theme. It’s a clever and fun way to put some spice into the summer’s entertainment venue of choice, your own backyard.
Children and dogs can co-exist peacefully outdoors in summer with a few lessons in prevention and caution
We all want to save money and cut home expenses. Here are several ways to painlessly cut household bills and save at least $600 per year.
Spruce-up your home for spring with these quick and cheap home decor ideas.
Don't let scalp burn ruin your day in the sun and potentially lead to skin cancer. Protect and treat your scalp with these tips.
All varieties of nuts are chocked full of nutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Keeping nuts on hand and adding them to recipes is an easy way to get more of the “good stuff” into a diet with very little effort. Here are some tips for storing and cooking with nuts...
Adding a fire pit to an outdoor living space extends the seasonal usage time to enjoy entertaining, relaxing or cooking in the backyard.
Alternative medical treatment for kids like herbal therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy help alleviate the pain of childhood ailments without medicine.
Home remedies alleviate pain, promote healing, prevent certain ailments and save consumers money. Try one of these home remedies and see for yourself.
When money for remodeling is just not in the budget but the home’s interior is looking old and tired, try some of these ideas for a cheap way to update the look in the kitchen, bedroom or living room.
Members of community gardens walk away from the experience with baskets of fresh vegetables, flowers, gardening knowledge and new friendships.
Small, everyday changes that cost almost nothing can help people live a greener lifestyle. Here are some cheap ways to be eco-friendly every day and be kind to our planet.
English lavender is a fragrance that most of us are familiar with, being a very popular scent in perfume and soap products. This fragrant, easy to grow herb can also add a delightful and unique flavor to recipes.
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