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A 60 year old guy with interesting thoughts on my journey.
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The story of an innocent man coming together with his supernatural destiny.
As a nation our selflish beliefs and ways are catching up with us and causing us to belittle and forsake our common bonds with others as depicted herein.
With the pondering of life's directions it's interesting to take stock of how our life events have played out before and did we take time to notice?
A consideration of how we view our job and it's impact on our lives.
An observation of a moment in time where the soul, mind, & body are renewed.
A metaphorical look at a very fitful, tormented sleepless evening from within the mind.
Remembering a very unplanned encounter and how I let it slip away.
A thought as to how we spend our precious time within our lives.
The recognition of a lifelong yearning for an association with the ocean.
A sincere observation of the honesty of children at play with a true lack of inhibition.
A commentary of the current socio-economic condition in the US from the baby boomer perspective.
A thought about the strong tie between generations and how we influence our children.
The magical allure of a moonlit beach and being alone with your thoughts.
A very satisfying visit with a precise and pleasant memory.
A concept to ponder when you can't sleep and the night shadows have their say.
Your really try with all you have and fall short of success
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