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I am a writer who is finally getting around to doing some serious writing. My areas of writing focus are sports, health, science, and computers. As well I am very much into poetry. Right now my main focus is on poetry. I do more than one form of poetry I particularly like haiku and haibun.
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This article is about three forms of Japanese Poetry. The three forms of Japanese Poetry are Haiku, Haibun, Haiga.
This is the second volume of poems that I have written. These are a combination of Haibun and Haiku. These poems are about my daughter.
This is the first of many volumes of poetry. Most of the poetry that I write is in the form of Haiku's and Haibun's. I write Haiku's and Haibun's on many different subjects. All the way from life to spirituality.
This is the second poem on the character known as the Psychic Warrior.
This is a poem that I wrote about chasing dreams that I have in life, and leaving behind all the bad things.
This is a poem that I wrote about loneliness, and how I am lonely, and what I go through in loneliness.
This is a poem that I wrote about the things that I am, am to become, and trying to escape.
This is a poem about the bleeding rose that is wilting away.
This is a poem about a character that I call the Psychic Warrior. The Psychic Warrior is a character that goes through out the ages and fights evil with his psychic abilities.
This is a poem about what my hopes for the are. They are simple hopes really.
This is a poem about a dream in which I am flying and cannot find my way back home.
This is a poem about dancing with someone that you love.
This is an article on my combat system that I call Aggression Control Tactics.
This is a poem that I wrote about the Nightangel. The nightangel is a futuristic character that takes place at the end of the age.
This poem is about the Elemental Warrior. The Elemental Warrior is an end of the age character. He is the one who will bring about the elemental changes at the end of the age.
This is a poem that I wrote after years of a bad love.
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