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A 18 year old writer. I do it on the side of designing websites.
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Recent pages by Quakekid

My opinion of what I think it truly means to be an American. Inside I go into depth about the three biggest factors; the economy, government, and our rights. Read on if you want to learn something.
A poem i wrote reflecting my ideas of what The Wind's life means. The Wind is more than just a element, it is a person.
Think you really know that employee you see every week at the grocery store? Chances are you really don't! Here is what you might be doing to aggravate them!
An amazingly well written short story about a young employee who see's an attractive women.
A poem written in a guy's perspective about a female.
Quakekid hasn't always had it easy in life, as a young 16 year old orphaned boy, his life has been set out to be anything below average. But as the ground began to crackle beneath his feet and bend in ways he could never imagine, he discovers secrets in the wake of the catastrophe!
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