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As an Artist, Nature is my inspiration for some of my bead patterns which I create One of a kind items. Love Photography, Camping, Nature, Art and Gardening.
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This city has seen many many changed over the years, but this does not apply to our subways system here in Toronto
I love the land and nature and this is where my heart belongs and where I'm the happiest.
A visit with my dear Ms Jane today gave me much insight to what I already knew.
Often times we hurt the ones that we love the most. The little things that matters the most are forgotten.
They have songs about Vanessa William and many others have done this song! Yes....it's even a metaphor in comparison to Dinner...Dessert is usually the last to be consumed because it's the BEST!
"And Moses was 120 years old when he died " Deuteronomy 34:7
Unfortunate. It is incredibly hard to break the habit of lying. Lying is saying something with the intent of creating a false belief or impression. It’s an attempt to get someone to believe something that is not true. But at what cost?
“If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind.” ~Buddha
My life and the way I live, this is not for everyone, most people just can not handle it. For me this is a very simple life and make me happy. Simple for me is much better.
Fifty years ago, we predominantly discarded food scraps. Most products were made from natural materials like paper, cloth, leather, metal and wood and most were reused or recycled at the end of their useful life.
I did a bit of a experiment to see if the so called friends would miss you.
They work when the work comes to them… meaning that they only paint, draw, write, sew, or write, when they feel like it. Creative people know the mind performs best in small bursts of concentrated work.
There are days that time just flies by without you even noticing it.
Today another dear friend asked me why I teach my art but I don’t sell it! Why only the bead work yet not the art.
Obliques lines appear to be unstable, rather then like horizontal or vertical ones knocked out of time.
The ripples of love that you send out I to the world always comes back to you. When you least expected. Life is beautiful!
The use of essential oils as a means of promoting emotional and physical well-being.
People outdoors should exercise extreme caution. Frostbite on exposed skin may occur in just a few minutes.
It was practice in years gone by to create wreaths and garlands all with herbs for your home. These creating delighted the senses with fresh herbs that would give sweet fragrances as it dries to your home.
Mental detox from the modern info-toxicity. You can view nature scenes increased activity in arrears of the brain associated with heightened motivation.
Every year my husband and I for Valentines Day we do something special for someone else. An elder is our community.
Let’s admitted it we all want to live longer. We all have different reasons to wanting to do so. But did you know that there are simple things that you can do to achieve this!
This story is not only funny but it's also true. A dedication to my sweet grandmother.
Travelling just for the love of art! We traveled for 6 hour drive to fill a dream of mine. Many years late I was able to do this.
This type of art fairy new to me. Now I'm addict to it.
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