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A college student. I like to write about everything that comes to my mind.
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why the United States is going down the same path as the roman Empire
Why the United States is going to fall apart like the Roman Empire
A summery why the United States is going to have the same fate as the Roman Empire
A summery on why the United States is fallowing the same path of Rome and is going to fall apart like they did.
it is a summery of why the United States is going to fall apart like Rome
Why gay marriage should be allowed. Here are a few simple reasons
A short informational article that give info on places to give help to the Haiti victims.
Why the auto industry should not have been bailed out of their money troubles.
The main reason why the health care bill is bad for the united states public.
How to Make simple waffles quick and easy at home.
The worlds best Lasagna that i have had my entire life.
The Best Caramel Popcorn on the face of the planet.
Tiramisu Layer Cake that my mom makes for my birthday.
Ooey-Gooey Cinnamon Buns are very unique cinnamon bun that are easy to make.
the best chocolate chip cookie that can be made at home.
Simple reasons to go with solar energy to power your home or business.
Why the United States should stay out of Afghanistan.
History of the United States Steel Industry and how they are trying to fix the problems also know as reconstruction.
How to make your home more energy efficent. Also sets up ur home for the use of alternative energies.
The paper is on Hydrogen Home power and applications on how to use it in the real world.
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