Simone Gil

Simone Gil
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Considering my personal experiences, I have been a full time blogger. I have been active on almost all the social platforms as being in touch with the real common crowd is my priority.
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Today’s college student has a lot on their plate. Even those who do not have to worry about financing their education often have extracurricular activities – including clubs and on-campus organizations. Add the weight of working to afford tuition or living expenses, various obliga...
Regardless of your target market or business type, how everything adds up is the cornerstone of your operations. Years ago, the traditional accountant or CPA was known for handling the calculations on their own – at least one was found in almost every company organizational chart. B...
Want to spruce up your home’s wayside charm without shelling out big bucks? Install a fence. It is perhaps the simplest and the most affordable way to beautify your home’s exterior. Let’s face it; an attractive fencing system can have a huge impact on the overall look of a home....
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