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i am a 21 years old student doing engineering but my major interests are towards creative things like decoration,sketching and trying all kinds of new things
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This explains what a teenager prefers about how he or she looks.... they want to adopt new things and not the old typical styles
It is a very refreshing drink and can be made easily at home in a very short time.
these are some cooking tips which will make your food more desirable and delicious.
using make up makes you look beautiful. but for that we should know how to apply make up properly. follow these steps for applying make up.
Healthy skin is as important as the most beautiful skin tone. Follow these steps to create a healthy glow.
A beautiful collection of inspirational quotes that are highly loved.
following these tips you can lose weight fast and safely.
Life is not easy but this is how you can live a happy and satisfied life.
fruits can be good for you during fall season and can protect your health in many wondrous ways!!
baking was never so easy..now you can bake using a microwave as good as a baking oven...enjoy
This is a humorous and interesting story about a scrabble game between a husband and a wife...how it caused death..the story better explains.
There was a time when I avoided taking photos.... then there came a motivation and appreciation and I dug my way to a much better photographer....though I don't own a professional camera.
Being in a relationship requires lot of responsibility and care otherwise you are going to loose it with time.The best way is to keep things solved as they happen and not to pile up problems otherwise they can become a big reason for a breakup.A tip to a perfect relationship is trust ...
This page shares idea of decorating a funky and cool bedroom.Being in a good environment has many benefits on your health and mood and most of the time your room is the environment you are in.Decorating your room makes you happy and so does it make me.
most people find it difficult to do nail art but it is not so.You can make it possible within minutes and make your nails look fab and classy.Choosing a correct combination of nail colors can enhance the look of your nail art.
story initially shows a life of a drug addict having no aims or ambition.He wants to quit and goes to a rehabilitation center where he finds a reason to live... a boy who remembers him of his younger brother...
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