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i am sanjay agal , Mtech in computer science and engineering . i have 4 year of experiance in Java Technology and placement consultancy .
i will write for java , personal consultancy .
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9 Secrets Your Waiter Will Never Tell You Why is it that your waiter always shares things, you don't want to know ("Hi, my name is Hamish and I'll be your waiter tonight")- not the things you need to know ("I'm pushing the salmon tonight because it's not getting any younger back ther...
a heart touching story . every body must read it once . i don't want to put any summary to disclose any thing .
FOR On the right hardware, it's sleek, fast and fun Huge security improvements Better battery life, faster boot Great for touch AGAINST Start menu gone Can't boot to the desktop You'll want a touchscreen/trackpad gestures/Touch Mouse Modern UI will annoy some Some older CPUs won't run...
this is my diary part written before some time . i have to write some extra lines but not able to . so please read this article with peace
Have you ever had a crush in school that lasted years? Were you ever able to sum up the courage to ask your crush out, or tell them how you feel? Here’s one of the sweetest true love stories that lasted years and took a whole new turn in the end.
I was certain that he knew about my secret love story, how could he not know that I loved him when the whole world knew it. The sky, the trees, the earth, my badminton racquet that I picked up when I knew it was his favorite game, and all my friends.
My first date, and I was so not ready for it! There I was on my first date. The worst part was that he was looking so handsome. And he was talking to me like he knew me for years.
What she lacked in looks, she supplied with her taste. Bold like a mushroom growing on a garden track, she called for attention at places where none of her kind could venture.
this letter i have written before my marriage . i have completed 3 years of married life on 19 november 2012 . but here again i read this paper and i feel that i love her so much
she came into my life a movie, you know, the kind that leaves you with little tears about to fall from your eyes. A huge lump in your throat, and inspiration. A drive that makes you so sure you will find love out there.
home tutorials welcome to udaipurstudents com people often think it is extremely difficult to make a website that is not the case everyone can learn how to make a website use our tutorials on html and css and php and javascript and start building your own website in about an hour tuto...
this page is a technical and overall review of
I’m not sure if anything is as terrifying as beginning a new design project. I often spend hours trying to find the best initial footing in a design, so I’ve been working hard to improve my process, particularly for the earliest stages of a project.
The overflow of “intelligent” embedded devices, especially those incorporating machine-to-machine (M2M) aspects, will be driven by Java, according to two recent Oracle-commissioned white papers.
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