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William Clunie
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I'm a writer and activist in a beautiful place currently called the United States of America. I'm working to bring about peace and economic justice sometime prior to the heat death of the universe. I have several ebooks available for Amazon Kindle; please find me there by searching Amazon by my name.
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The Mitt Romney nomination is as certain as it is enervating
Mitt Romney has a shot at winning all the delegates at stake in Tuesday's primaries
With a bit more self-control, Rick Santorum has a legitimate shot at the 2016 GOP nomination
With his decisive victory in Illinois, Mitt Romney looks ahead to the general election -- and risks further alienating the right wing base of his party
Three state primaries this week should result in a split decision in the GOP primary
On Tuesday's primary night, Rick Santorum won in the deep South, but Mitt Romney evened the score in Hawaii and American Samoa
The GOP primary heads south, where anti-abortion legislation defines the new Republican Party.
A short summary of highs and lows for the Republican Party this week
After losses in Michigan and Arizona, Rick Santorum must right his ship for Super Tuesday.
Rick Santorum: The Best Thing That Ever Happened to the Democratic Party!
Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have been BFFs for months now: What's in it for the Good Doctor?
The Republican candidates have almost talkied themselves right out of a chance at the White House -- and Barack Obama's approval ratings continue to rise.
Questions we'd like to see asked of the leading Republican candidates at Wednesday's debate
The Gingrich campaign is in its final days; the right wing hates President Obama personally, not his policies.
President Obama pointed toward a brawl with the Republican House of Representatives.
Newt Gingrich turns in lackluster debate performance; GOP candidates lie about causes of the economic crisis
America is getting a refreshingly transparent look at right wing politics.
Mitch Daniels channels Herbert Hoover in the Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union Address.
The Republicans continue to embrace the failed policies of George W. Bush
Journalist Andrea Mitchell drops bombshell, accuses Romney relations of entering country illegally.
Newt Gingrich's pomposity in victory will lead to defeat in the upcoming Florida primary.
The transparency of the Republican debates helps Barack Obama in his bid to win a second term as United States president
U.S. politics has taken another bizarre turn with revelations of Newt Gingrich's sexcapades and Mitt Romney's offshore Cayman Islands accounts.
Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul gets the biggest boos of the night at the GOP primary debate.
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