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Hi, Im a simple Filipino woman who loves reading Bible, so altogether we meditate the word of God day and night. Joshua1:8
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Hope you enjoy this simple poem as a tribute to our loving teacher.
Life is the precious gift from God, Everyone is thankful having life living in this playful world. we only have one life to live so soon it will past so we must treasure it. God give/sacrifice Jesus in order to saved us in our sins for death.
A poem for everyone that has a secret love, maybe it's not the right time, maybe we're too young for love, or maybe you're not available anymore for loving someone , loving in secret way is enough for you.
It's hard to say that you moved on when you know the truth that you still love in love with somebody in your past. Hard to fall in love again when you left your heart to someone you trusted before.
This poem tell everyone that true love really exist for everyone, we might not for found it in our first love yet true love is waiting for us to find it. GOD made us with a partner in life .
Everyone has a friendship and it is precious to us. Friendship is here when you have problem s in your family they willing to give their time just to listen. Be thankful to your friendship.
Keep on asking why blues always here with us. In times of lowly, down, heartache even in our success, blues still blues.
A poem for all who loved in a secret way , having crush in a distance is enaugh for her/him to love, not the right time to tell the feelings.
Why Die When I Wanna Live?. . . Only one life so soon it will passed, like a vapor in the wind vanisheth away, lets treasured and give thanks for having one life.
Let me dedicate this poem to all our mother who dont stop loving us. We salute you Mom.
I wrote this poem to show Selfie trending in social media... Selfie descibes our happenings in daily lives.
Blessed I am being one of your creation, God your worthy to be praised. All adjectives is not enaugh to describes you. All I know your my Creator, Saviour and my Everything.
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