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I am a teacher and like writing and sharing what i know to others.
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We live in a confusing time in which no one seems to know what is happening, and where ,today we receive an absolutely reliable advice in one direction and the opposite tomorrow . And there are people who have decided to forego their judgment , courage and decisiveness , and let go. ...
Contrary to some recommendations that have been spread over the past decades, several studies have begun to reassess the nutritional benefits of animal fats. Here we tell you more about this debate, what types of fats are, what to avoid and why sugar has become the new "guilty."
For youth and adolescents who have pimples this it still a huge problem in everyday life. This explains why they are trying to do everything to get rid of scars,especially with various products. There are actually various solutions to remove these buttons,yes, they can disappear and e...
Nowadays everyone lives 200 miles an hour, stress and "burnout" are also common ailments in our time as flu or cold. You will ask me what does this has to do with it our sex lives? The answer is a lot!
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