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Monsoon is the wind that changes direction with the direction of seasons. The monsoon prevails mainly in the Indian Ocean. The summer monsoon blows from ocean to land. The winter monsoon blows from land to ocean. The summer monsoon causes heavy rainfall in Southeast Asia. It is called...
Tea has become a popular drink. Everyone likes to invigorate himself by taking small sips of tea. It is said that the tea improves the work efficiency and stamina. A short tea break is takes in every office during the office hours. During this break, people sit together, exchange goss...
Food is very important in life even in animal’s life. No one can live without food. Humans need food for grow, reproduce and maintain good health. Without food our bodies cannot stay warm, built or repair tissues or cells. Our food contains certain chemical substances called nutrien...
In the series of book we have studied a lot about environment issues.
The relationship between heat and temperature is When a body is heated its temperature increases.
Many computer networks of the world were connected together, to communicate each other internet was formed.
Sports are the essential part of life and it is good for health.
Mail sent to a famous person or celebrity addresses from his or her fans.
Travel and holiday arrangements are frequently organized by telephone but, almost invariably, the hotel will insist that you write a letter to confirm you’re booking and that you supply some kind of deposit with the letter.
A paragraph is composed of several sentences dealing with the same subject.
Letters have used this format since the 17th centennial
The letters that you send are an expression of your personality.
Transportation means moving people good or animals from place to another
Every educated men or women should know how to write a soft and reading letter.
Drug addiction is a very common problem.The drug addiction become very dangerous when complete dependence is given.If the addict take drugs for a long time it become very dangerous for him.There are many types of drugs like heroin,alcohol,cocaine,tobacco and marijuana.
Accounting is an art of recording summarization generalization the records.Accounting is maintained by two methods.In accounting cycle Journal is prepared which is known as original book of entry.The entries are recorded.Then ledger is prepared the items are recorded in chronological ...
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