Michael C Parker

Michael C Parker
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Researcher, Writer. research, photography and Printing. Cover a large spectrum of topics but politics, paranormal and general day to day living are main topics.
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Education today is just as important for women as it is for men; she must be-able to use her knowledge and skills to develop her confidence in equipping herself for the latter years of old age. Gone are the days when women’s prime functions in marriage were to stay home; where educa...
Rejection is an insensitive virus that finds ways of destroying lives in more ways than one, it doesn’t matter how you handle your outer self your inner self has already been damaged and for some, that is the end, unless some form of counseling is found. Anxiety, depression, lonelin...
What makes a humble being become self-centered and have the desire for wealth and riches, to shape an image even greater than God. Believers are coerced into the methods of leadership even if it might contradict the principles of God. Such behavior becomes so abusive that believers fa...
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