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A nature lover and wildlife photographer by heart, in profession of business, owner of Kanha Village Eco Resort, near Kanha National Park in central India. I love travelling, reading and photography
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Plan a family holiday to a wilderness spot or tiger reserve to rejuvenate your family ties and self. Holiday in a wildlife destination can be de-stressing and a great boon to family life.
From ancient times trees have been worshiped and given a lots of importance in human society. In Hindu scriptures trees have been revered as god and abode of gods. Saving trees and forest has been given utmost importance in Hindu scriptures.
Observing butterflies and photographing them is a very interesting hobby. Central India has around 200 species of butterflies and they can be seen at Kanha national park, Satpura Tiger Reserve and many other smaller, less known wildlife sanctuaries and reserves. If interested in obser...
Interested in wildlife photography especially shooting tigers and other free roaming wildlife in Central India. Plan a trip to Kanha national park where you will be able to spot striped cat as well as one of the rarest of deers - Barasingha.
Planning a wildlife excursion holiday to central India, check details of tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh along with accommodation options.
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