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I like to share my thoughts and experiences with others and learn from theirs.
The world is full of diverse people. I think we should learn from each other and broaden our mind.
I would love to read/reply to comments you leave. So you are most welcome.
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Recent pages by Tempest

An overview of machester united's remaining season
Some ways to free up disk space, so that useless data gives way to important data
Arsenal's season, where they will go after the events that are taking place.
Tragedy and comedy are both opposite but both are important for life to progress.
Good oral health is really important and mostly it is neglected while it should be given much importance
Hubble telescope was launched by America. It is in the space and through mirrors in it we view different things
There are people who have good relations with siblings while some have abusive siblings too. I feel blessed to be in the first category.
Be happy, a few jokes. Smile and make others smile.
We should laugh sometimes. It makes us lighter and happier. So, a few jokes
Sometimes other people are nagging us always and we need a break.
There was some news that Facebook is going to be closed.
Laughing is good for health, so we should, regularly.
Sometimes we act in a way that people start loathing us and that is not good at all.
Sometimes we are just fed up of the routine we are following and need a change.
Laugh your heart out. Be happy. We should sometimes see the lighter side of things
We should sometimes smile too. So this a feeble attempt to make other laugh.
Arsenal Vs Barcelona- first leg match report held at the Emirates stadium London
A preview of the match between Arsenal and Barcelona going to happen in Emirates Stadium, London
A description of some of the commonly used video formats
Sometimes we are in situations where we are really angry. But the act of forgiveness is great.
Exercises helping towards increasing your sprint and making you faster
We all tend to get angry sometimes, but we should try to avoid it as much as possible.
These are the 15 most expensive football players ever bought by the English clubs
These are the 10 most expensive transfer fees ever paid for a football player
Some of the experiences everyone goes through no matter where they live.
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