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I am a chartered accountant with experience in all accounting and finance functions. I am interested in writing articles on accounting, finance, business, leadership and motivation.
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A business plan is a formal document which explains in details what business you are in, your goals and objectives and how those goals and objectives are going to be attained. It is like having a picture of what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve them, when and with what res...
To have a chance at being successful in any business, an entrepreneur needs to have a business plan in place not only when he is looking for finances but also at every phase of the business.
Knowledge of EPS can help you measure the performance of a company as well as compare the company to others. This ratio is one of the most important ratios in financial analysis. As a results, its usefulness can be over emphasized.
In the world of business management and financial analysis, the use of financial statements can not be over emphasized. Many analysts use these statements to make informed decisions as well as advising their clients on necessary course of actions.
There are things you have been told that fuel the doubts in you. Those things always make you feel you are not good enough. You don't have to let people's opinions rule your life. You need to man up and go for your dream.
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