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Property taxes and insurance premiums on your house can rise with virtually no notice, but when people are figuring out how much they can afford for a mortgage, they rarely think about those expenses. And babies — well, they always cost a lot more than you think they will.
Most people get hung up financially on their perceptions of their lifestyle either what they can afford or what they feel they should be able to afford.You watch what your neighbors or co-workers are doing, and you think, “If they can do it, I can, too.” Stop. The problem with loo...
Cars, houses, and babies , every one of them is going to cost you more than you expect. That’s because they all come with hidden expenses. A new car probably will raise your auto-insurance premium, for example, but few people consider that when they’re taking a test drive.
Effective parenting involves a balance of nurturing, discipline, and respect for children. Evaluate your values and beliefs, your discipline strategies, your communication skills, and your work–life balance and put your child first on your list of priorities by showing him your utmo...
Respect means giving children freedom of thought and expression. It also means speaking gently and kindly to them and showing them patience and tolerance.
For the power it wields, Twitter is one of the simplest and, i think, most elegant Web sites for mass communication. The interface makes interacting with other people some you already know and others you’ll meet incredibly easy, and it cleanly organizes a lot of information.As you ...
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