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Md Rezaul Karim
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I am a teacher engaged with the Southern University Bangladesh. I Like to use my spare time by writing and reading. I take it as a fun and source of inspiration in pursuing knowledge.
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Most of the economic turmoils have been done within Euro zone for its lack of integrated approach. Member countries dancing free in the economic games, but staying together with the same central bank. Making it a mess like Greece or Ireland.
Sometimes we are happy to see some prices falling, but there are other sides of the story.
This is a regular headache for me as a guardian of a school going child to understand the purpose of schooling and education as a whole, and what the government is doing on it or meddling the system with arrogance and fallacies.
Sometimes it is unbearable when fair treatment and justice have become a luxury. When truth and lies are mixed and confusion and chaos created among people and neighbors. How evil human beings turn out to be and where the real purpose of humanity demises...
This is about the educational system in Bangladesh, particularly at school level, where all the far reaching impact on the total socio-economic life is affected and disturbed..
The stream of time glides smoothly on and is past before we know- Ovid Amores
Recently the Opposition has been shouting against the government, alleging them manipulation of election results and unfair treatment of free -fair polls. But all in the name of democracy, and people's rights. In the end we all suffer for the democracy and people's rights....
The greed and power are the two driving forces that making politicians so crazy to stick to power as it provides everything- including laws, justice, and money. Kind of Kingship and no one is there to challenge you! What a heaven!
People might disagree or have reservation about my observations, but you can't deny the fishy tricks that the bankers do; inadvertently?- No way!
Our body and mind rely on each other and our human body requires good peace of mind and rests.
Like human varieties and nature in business we find some different stylish managers who are doing well and running the business with objectives.
Personally I am not a planned man, and I don't dare to! But if we look into the other successful (!) men, it would reveal that most of them had plans to achieve... Why not share those experience too..
Big projects allure big and delicate corruptions among the top and corporate level of government wings; Padma Bridge is nothing exceptional ...
Population can be blessings if managed and turned to be a resources, otherwise it would create havoc in the longer time..
This is a different pieces of mental state of thinking in different times to share....
Bangladesh Commerce Minister advises people to eat less, and Be the number one on the rating of tax!
Learning is never old and the human behavior and history repeat itself life a circle..
The recent Bangladesh government's attitude to control and subdue any opponent's activities by force is a bad gesture towards the smooth path of tolerance and respectful journey of democracy.
There are lot of controversies in this country going on when the massacres and killings are in a freestyle way....
While making a good system into a better is difficult, this is rather easy to destroy it. Bangladesh education is seemingly in a disturbing situation.
This is a conceptual writing about industrial relations and industrial disputes that managers usually face in their mundane...
The parallel government or movement in the cuddle of the government in the one side and the rest of the nation on the other- losing the battle means going to jail. No one dares losing in this fight- no matter what the cost is..
People are caught in the middle of politics and government stupidity.
This page is written based on the current political and social disturbances in Bangladesh.
Democracy is the tools to use in my own choice and freedom, ignoring all others particularly if they are in opposition! This is the philosophical stand of the present government in Bangladesh.
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