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Distance Learning is learning by correspondence courses. Distance learning is the only source of education for a working person who cannot go to college at office hours. You will be getting all the material and weekends classes are arranged by the university in your home.
In india every year more than millions of Students passed out.In 2014 approx. 26.5 million students completed their degree(B.A,B.com,Bsc,Btech etc) and among which more than 80% are still unemployed.
What is most important to get a job, is it knowledge or luck? I am wondering why many people having great knowledge ,still they are jobless. They searched job whole day and at the end of the day they becomes frustrated and fade up because of not getting job.
C is a basic and structural programming language through which we can made games, graphics and all software which are useful to users. here i m showing you how to draw eclipse using c .It is better to use turbo c for this program.so here is program-
love is life. why people love anyone, why they ready to do anything for there love, why they always crazy for love.. why?? let see
Knowledge is nothing but collection of thought.knowledge is Most important thing in this world and it should be disseminated through proper channel so other can use it and make benefits from it.
Lets see who guess all the correct answers of the below riddles.
Internet banking nowadays become most popular. Here is some advantages of why it becomes so popular.
Today Samsung is one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers, but it was a long process for them to get there.
The pump-down controller will automatically cycle your pump to keep your tank filled.
The property of a body by virtue of which it attract or repel. example-small piece of paper,straw etc
HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Hypertext-the way in which Web pages are linked together. Markup Language-describes how HTML works or it tell a Web browser how to structure text document to display.
DDA-Digital differential analyzer is used for linear interpolation of variables over an interval between start and end point. DDAs are used for rasterization of lines, triangles and polygons. The dda is a scan conversion line algorithm based on calculating either dy or dx.
Now a days,spreading rate of diseases is very fast.rich man's disease i.e, Diabetes is one of them. Its cause and very related information are given here.
Every Programmer's life begin with C.unless programmer comfortable with C,he would find it extremely difficult to learn or understand new tools and technology. So, here I m going to give u simple example to teach u what is C and how one can this language.
Arunachal pradesh in India is rich in flora and fauna and due to its scenic beauty also.The Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh witnesses largest flow tourists. Everyday, tourists from across the world flock to the Tawang region to enjoy nature at its best.The Tawang region is blessed with ...
Thawe is most sacred and famous pilgrimage place in India.It is situated in Gopalganj district of bihar.Maa is also known as Mother and her love for devotees are like Mother love for her children.No one has come empty handed from Thawe wali Maa’s temple. Maa has always answered the...
Here I am going show you steps to make your pc faster than before. Please folow the steps-
Counter Strike is one of the most playing game in whole over world,and Due to its popularity all players of Counter strike wants to be pro in this game.This game is really interesting and one of best game of present scenerio.
Religion means what?religion is something unique and peaceful thing and person who do religious thing is different from another people.
This poem explains one lover mind or thought beautiful… you all will understand yourself by reading my poem and my feelings for someone… Hope you all understand my feelings and like my poem..
The Sensex is an "index". What is an index? An index is basically an indicator. It gives you a general idea about whether most of the stocks have gone up or most of the stocks have gone down.
Satyamev Jayate is a television show started by Amir Khan to brings some changes in people and in society.
Brokers from all over countries take thrice the actual fee amount and provide bad or unaffiliated college.
Value of life is gradually going down at a fast pace due to decreasing values among the people of the society and a result very few people try to have proper understanding about the value of rest of the life of the creatures of the world. it is very big challenge against the the perm...
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