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I am an ICT student who has a strong interest in new technology. My articles will be about current trending topics, opinions on debates and my interests.
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Recent pages by Ellis

Does travelling around the world and seeing different cultures broaden the mind?
Are we a completely different species or just well developed and intelligent animals?
As humans and habitants on this planet can we really change it and save it?
This is a small article on an item you may never of heard of which is hidden off the McDonalds menu.
Do you think as humans we are still evolving or is everything finished?
Random facts which i found intriguing and incredibly strange.
Basically going to tell you a few tips on how to get a bargain on Ebay!
I will speak about the new laws coming into place soon about binge drinking in the UK.
In this article i am giving you a few tips on how to do well in a job interview.
A small guide on how to feed your bonsai plant appropriately.
Do you think there is a place in modern society for religion?
Latest news on the announcement of MTVs best reality TV show the Jersey Shore.
My review of the ea sports title fifa 2012, i will look into gameplay, graphics and online game modes!
This article shows my views on the death penalty, pointing out the good and bad points.
Do you believe what Manchester City are doing by 'buying' trophies is correct?
A quick and simply review on the Blackberry 9300. This is my own personal experience.. This may vary from person to person!
French gunman set to attack again this Friday, after recently attacking a Jewish school!
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