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I am a warm friend to have. In pursuit of my engineering degree. I like to write about tech stuff as well as roleplaying. I enjoy epic fantasies also.
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Get to know more about 4K technology and it's advantages and disadvantages in this useful page. Whether you should buy it or not?
Not sure whether you should visit that website or not, worried about getting an computer infection? How can you BE SURE of it? This one site can save you lots of headache.
Unable to log in your computer? Feeling like your computer is infected? What to do now? Read in this stunning paper, your ways to fight nasty viruses.
Ever wondered which Graphic Card your PC has? Read this page to find out!
Has the words "HD" Always puzzled you? What does it mean exactly? How it works and more info! Read in along in this interestingly informative page to find out more!
For any Indian user in need of Good internet security plus PC maintenance sute, this is the offer of the month. Hands down.
There are many websites which allows to you give your photos some really COOOOLL looks. What you have to do is, Go to that website, Select the style you wanted and then, upload the picture to which you want to apply the effect and bingo!
Confused what to buy? Getting a word from this friend and that friend? Feel that savviness and techiness, how? just read along in this very informative page..
... And the best ebook reader is.... Amazon Kindle? No. If you ask me. : ) and in the upcoming brief paper, I will let you know why.
Worried about how really secure online you are? Is someone spying on you? Are you infected? How can you check and how can you prevent online threats? Read in this very useful paper 3 Awesome FREE ways to protect yourself.
Are you worried about buying a wrong phone which could go dead in other country? Do you want to know more about what the hell "GSM" and other tech things are? You have come to the right place!
Are you really sure that you are not one of those in 50 people that have OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) at some point in their lives? And what if you are? Read this page to find out more about OCD and my methodology to cure it.
This might be the page you want to read after that hectic day, when you are pissed off or just for future use :). These 3 techniques will Surely make an reducing impact on your stress. Get in and try 'em out!
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