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I'm a registered electrical engineer by profession, teaching at a university. I have varied interests and I write to express and help others.
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[align="justify"]Preparing for any licensure examination is a grueling task. It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest exam of your life. If you intend to pass it the first time you take it and make the most out of your time, effort and other resources, you have to heed the advice ...
Happiness is a choice. We hear and read that many times. However, it is definitely difficult to smile and be happy when circumstances around us are not favorable. In my experience of being broken and torn by life's storms, I had bounced back gracefully and emerged victorious despite a...
Making effective decisions is extremely important. Whenever we make lousy decisions, we reap failures, regrets and frustrations. We might lose our enthusiasm on many things, even with life itself. People become brokenhearted and regretful for things they have done hastily and without...
Find out how you can save money just by choosing the lamps you have at home. People have been searching for ways to save at home and spend money wisely but usually fail to take a look at this one area.
There are keys that can help bring success in school. By using these keys, any student can open loads of opportunities. Since success in school has a lot to do with success in life, success in school is always worth preparing for.
Do you want to save on your electricity bills and have more money for other expenses? Here are surefire ways that will make your electricity bills plummet down:
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