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Writing is a manifestation of my inner being. A way of introducing myself, and an instrument of sharing my thoughts...
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Pimple-free Skin is Beautiful. So many people tries to get the best skin they can have. Television is oveflowing with Skin care commercials which are enticing you to spend money on their beauty products. I want other people to learn from my experience on how to save money in curing pi...
Korean Dramas can surely make our hearts feel the emotion it dictates. Here is a short list of the best Korean Dramas I have ever watched. Hope this will interest you as much as I do.
The main reason why we can't move on is...I want to share with you how to be released and have inner peace.
Divorce is a word which we do not have to look at the dictionary because almost everybody already knows its meaning. This is to unveil things that parents were not able to see.
Stress has always been accompanying persons in all the corners of the world. The list below will help navigate you away from this menace.
This poem is about a sincere confession of an aspiring writer who has a change of heart, a change of desire, a change of reason and a change of will.
Do not ignore recurrent stomach pain. Beware and Be Aware.
Is something irritating lurks in your lungs and crawls up on your throat provoking you to cough endlessly(to the point that you are like being choked) which makes you the center of attention in the midst of a crowded train station or place of work? Here's how you can get rid of tha...
Here are some tips on how you can maintain your youthful looks and live life longer in a natural way without needing much help from technology and without spending too much from your hard-earned money.
2 criminals were just caught and were placed together behind bars. After a while of getting bored, one criminal brought out a short Trivia quiz from his pocket and decided to ask his inmate to build rapport.
As long as we have breath we have to continue living. If you want to live life have to read this article.
Let's see how well contestants answer In a Battle of the Brains Competition. Hope to give you some laugh. This is my first try cracking jokes in English. LOL.
Cats are like kids in the family. We love them and takes care of them like our own flesh and blood. Just wanna share with the world how I appreciate my pet and how special she is.
I wonder why people hate cockroaches(even myself) when in fact, it tickles our skin as they crawl in our bodies. Got the feel of it! (lol).
I bet the world is excited for Valentine's Day. So I've written this article as a treat for everyone.
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