carey medley

carey medley
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A mother of Four children. I live in Texas. I do writing as a hobby. Some yes are Zombie related. My kids get a kick out of them, so why not. They say it sounds good, so going by my first critics...
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Just tidbit to try to add.. Some thoughts that popped in head. May change a few things
Things that cannot be explained... No answers, He follows. He see, and Black cat is cool. Zombie, revolver
Technicalities, Little Technicalities...You must never..
Just a little story, thought would be cool. The Walking Dead series, my own little Episode
They are starting to notice little things, but not really thinking that it was going to lead into a nightmare.
She starts realizing things starting to happen, but will not tell anyone. She thinks she might be in danger herself.
Personal point of view's of the unknowing events that will lead up to a Zombie attack.
Introduction to a new way the viral disease spreads. Introduction of different characters.
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