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I was born in Liverpool, United Kingdom, 48 years ago. From the moment that I could hold a pen I wanted to write. That was all I ever wanted to do. I remember being fascinated by words - especially words that rhymed with each other.

I would sit with my writing pad, at the kitchen table, writing down all the words I could think off that would rhyme -even looking through dictionaries to find obscure and abstract words that I would spend hours looking for.

This is what begun my fascination in words and has continued my love for rhyming words and poetry to this day. In fact some of my poetry I have placed on Helium Writers - if anyone would like to read?

I always find that with writing I am incredibly critical of myself, and I suppose this is the trait of all writers. We can never be the best at writing because were writing is concerned, one is always learning. As writers we never stop learning, but we can always strive to be the best we can be - which is what I try to do.

The places of interest I like to go to are easy for me because I can always be found in a library or a museum, or old antiquated buildings. I have a love for 'old' things that has stayed with me throughout my life - and maybe a bit of me hankers for the past too much, but that is me and is how I always have been. There are always stories to be found in antique pieces or homes, and these I like to incorporate in my poetry and short stories.
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Recent pages by wayneleon

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This article looks at the ways to treat your mobile phone after it becomes wet. They are time-consuming but will nearly always have your phone up and running again.
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This article looks at the possibilities of what could happen if human beings had the power to change history.
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This article conentrates on the whole subject of becoming a better writer. Concentrating only on those things that potential writers need: such as good grammar, spelling, layout, but studying other published writers too. It also concentrates on developing the mind to 'think' like a p...
This article concentrates on getting people out of credit card debt. It looks at ways to combat credit card debt [which has now reached epedemic proportions] And it also advises on the best way to move forward once out of credit card debt.
This article looks at the whole issue connected between chronic debt and depression. It looks at how people cope with the two, and how quite often this can lead to devestating and tragic resutls.
This article concentrates on owls and peoples perceived fears and fascination with them. It looks at why it is that owls hold so much fascination yet are viewed as birds of ill omen.
This article concentrates on the real causes of obesity in the 21st century. It looks at ways of combating obesity and ultimately beating it.
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This article looks at whether or not it is easier to stay or walk away from a relationshiip/marriage in the event of domestic violence.
This article concentrates soley on whether or not the best poetry is written from the heart or the mind. It compares the two [that are indeed, seperate entities when it comes to the writing of poetry] but yet are still connected.
This article concentrates on getting people out off debt. It looks at a whole range of issues - in reference to debt and how one can escape from it. It also concentrates on the tel-tale signs that could lead to debt.
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