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Am a safety Professional down to earth, with passion for nature and the environment. My writing will focus on Safety and Environmental issues with other issues related to the children.
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In his quest for survival, man has made tremendous achievement, development and improvement in the area of science and technology and this has contributed in difference ways to social change throughout the world.
Research has proved that the earth we live in is many millions of years old, and man passes through series of stages and developments to get to where we are today, ranging from the stone age, copper and bronze age, etc. This article highlights these different stages, and how man's que...
Cancer is a disease that has been with us from time and it is caused by a division of abnormal cell that can not be control. But they are other man made causes that can be control as well as prevented. This article discusses the preventive measures applicable to this disease.
Postnatal factors are those factors that affect the child outside the environment of the womb. This article highlights those conditions to alert parents on their dangers.
These are the "do's and don't" when on pregnancy to avoid handicapping condition.
African traditional medicine and science attempt to explain the African environment and the way it works with functional knowledge. Read more of this in this article.
Exceptional children is refers to children with learning and/or behavior problems, children with physical disabilities or sensory impairments, and children who are intellectually gifted or have a special talent. This article takes a look at the background and causes of the condition....
There are limitations in regards to exploitation of natural resources, this limitations is as a result of the inaccessibility of such resources and does not warrant huge investment.This article highlights on this and many more.
Science and technology plays an important role in transforming the natural resources to goods and services to meet the yearnings of the masses. This article look at the processes involved in this phenomenon.
The search for civilization, development and industrial expansion has led the world to a serious menace that need urgent attention. This article unveil the threat this development has caused to our environment, as man was meant to tend, protect,and preserved the environment for our ge...
Type 1 diabetes is another dreaded ailment that need much care with insulin all the time otherwise there could be an outbound to life. This article tackles all about the ailment in regards to: Symptoms, Cause, Treatment etc.
Loneliness has rake many people and create an unhappy tendency within individual, it is not suppose to be this way, this imbalance need to be corrected in your life, come along let's reason together in this article.
He came, Saw and Conquer and has made us conquerors as he "finished the final work on the cross.
Self-pride and righteousness is gratification of oneself, placing yourself higher than others is not acceptable by God. The parable of the lost sheep explain this in detail as contained in this article.
Let's journey together into the realm of uncertainty as concern the mystery of life after death.
Victory over death by Christ Jesus was a mark of Victory for the believers. Therefore the fear of the unknown (death) is over for Christians, because the atonement of his blood on Calvary has vindicated and reconciled us back to God. "Victory is ours"!
With the way job are scares it calls for a proper handling of interviews for a new job, read through this article to discover what it all entails.
Ponder along with me in this article to discover the right and useful thing to do with your extra time after school.
Read about how to prevent premature ejaculation through different methods, ranging from deep breathing to Promescent. Put them to test, it will help control this scourge which is always associated with men from the age bracket of 35 years and above.
Protection comes from God,and him alone decides when and how it comes, no one can question his authority.
Sweet Potato is a root crop from Central American Region is grown throughout the tropical and warm regions today with much of it benefits to human health. This article highlight the numerous benefits of sweet-Potatoes to man.
To everything there is a season, a time, a purpose for everything under heaven. Humans are the creatures of God in his image, and so we are not left out in this purpose. Ponder along with me in this article to re-discover your purpose in life.
The term "procrastination" is associated with unnecessary delays, shifting, postponement, and or creating laziness in a task. The undermentioned articles tells more about this phenomenon.
Decision-making always comes with it pros and cons, with firmness, monitoring and evaluation for a decision to stand. Additionally, there are processes to consider when making a decision. This article discusses that in it entirety.
These are tips and or fact about the Sea Cucumber.
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