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Isiekwene Anthony C.
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A microbiologist, teacher, talkative, emotional writer on science, dreams, religion and personal experiences.
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You live to ENJOY, ENDURE or SUFFER the consequences of your choices.
Every journey in life always has an end. Those we meet in one location we must leave to meet new ones. Now it is a fact that tears must fall like rain from the eyes of those you love.
Beauty can never be hidden, a saying that the beautiful ones are not yet born can be acertianed to be False because all around Us is beauty Untold.
Death is a state of existence, where in our human silence, the soul wonders in eternity if either found innocent or guilty of crimes committed while alive.
I saw this in Obishai Fidelis family and saw it worth writing about. Families are encouraged to try and see if happily they too can happily live happily.
A group of people who have lived on earth and possibly some still alive have bee destined for greatness, Purity and a virtuous Life.
Water is the element that gives Life, the element that its lack, all earth will dry out its essence.
The sweet times in life most times does not last as long as the sorrowful time, short life it truly is, infact it is only here and now.
Every action has a reward for it. For this group of Angels, their reward is eternal punishment.
In microbiology, the study of their movement caused them to be classified as living organisms. This movement of the organisms can has been studied and still needs further research to harness its relevance in modern day Biotechnology
Love can neither be conquered nor quenched, it is that feeling of happiness that burns a souls, quietly it gives hope to the dying.
So many human claim to be lords of their life and their neighbourhood, taking what they want because nature has put so Much power in their hands, be carefull for that same nature is going to make you naked again.
The Beauty of the rich African cultural heritage is seen in their cultural festivals. The Iwa Ji is as interesting to the Isselu-uku poeple as the Prom and Night clubs is interesting to the High school students of the Civilized world.
The world we live in has become a place of decadence, where man is spiritually drained of his life supporting energy by his fellow men who a more spiritual knowledge.
Written specially for my students who do not know to control their talking way of life, especially Ogbue Fransisca... I hope to see a better you one day when you will have read this and for the world too.
Some individuals live their life the way they like, terrorizing those around them. Life would be better for them if and only if they chose to live a better life and set a better example.
Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks forth, We have to still look inwards to note that which we are very good at and specialize in it.
With the rate of arms production in our world today, guns of different types and natures in existence are no longer for hunting but dealing with fellow humans who do not want your needs to prevail against theirs!
Being under the spell of time, man will forever miss some special people in their life, and so should be prepared for the pains of time.
There are so many things that happen to us in life that we wish we could defy the law that says they will not happen!
Love is the only reason we still live this day. If we live in this world without love of someone, our life will be the most unheard animalistic type of life.
So many have won Nobel price for peace, yet the world You and I live have known no peace even till date.... What do we then do... Should we produce and supply more arms or just wait to be killed!
One of the most important thing in life is to appreciate ourself. Though not to be boastful but to show other people that we are comfortable with the life we now especially those who are not happy with theirz... And also for those who did not want to see Us grow!
Back in those days when we prepare for our exams, so many movies are acted by most of Us, some crying before the exams, while some even going to parties because of the confidence on success that they have.
We humans have to be careful about the people we mingle with, because they may be there just to watch our downfall and then smile at our back.... Even while consoling Us. Watch out for them...
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