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If you want some story about Serbian history, just contanct me.
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Stefan Nemanja was inherited by his second son Stafan Nemanjich - the first king of Serbia.
In the mid 12th century a strong Serbian state was born. A new and holy dynasty was created.
After the Overturn of May in 1903. Serbia gained a new ruler. Peter I Karageorgevich, grandson of the great Karageroge, took the throne.
At the end of 19th and the start of the 20th century, Serbs managed to free themselfs completely from the Ottoman Empire. These new years led to prosperity and reputation, but also to war and death.
Why does advertising play a vital role in our daily life?
A thing trifle that makes the difference.
Haiku is a traditional type of Japanese poetry. The poems are about everyday things and are usually three short lines which don't rhyme. First line usually contains five syllables, the second line seven syllables, and the third line five syllables. I think that Haikus don't have the ...
A story about an event that occured the other day.
This is a story about my deceased grandfather. I devote it to all of my ancestors.
How did the Serbs exist before the modern age? How was Serbia born? Even though Serbia is a republic nowdays, there still lives a man who didn't forget his routs, legacy, nor his right to the throne!
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