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I am an 18 year old writer, I only write poetry, and music. I've just had always had a dream to rap my poetry to the world and explain to them a real story from someone who was just average, thats seen and done alot. a true story at that. Nothing fake, not like u see with famous people now a days, spicin up how they've lived to make themselves more intresting to the world. I just wish that the world could give me a chance. im 18 years old, never been blessed with a job, even though if i get one i'd be completely dedicated no matter what the pay is, no drivers licence, no car. I dont even live with my real family, and havent for a good three years. I need to make money to survive cuz I wont be here much longer. I dont even have school on my side. and my fear since i was only 9 is becoming a bum on the side of the road. i really hope someone can help me in here. Cuz i have no one else to help me. But for now I have to whatever i can to bring in a little money, wheather its shady or not. I gotta do it. Cuz im all I have
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This is my life, can someone please help me help myself before its too late
Something I struggled with, Addiction is a hard thing to get ahold of, millions of people all over the world struggle with it, but there's always a reason why they do it, you just have to get them clean to find out
This is a write after a major dispute in my life, and that issue will always be there, the scar will stay
Just had fun with this, explaining violence on earth
This poem is an old one I found of mine, it pretty much describes the trouble that was going on around the time I wrote this, which was when I was14.
This is just something that I just rolled with, not one of my best. But this basically is just telling you things that can happen with the things you know
This is a poem that describe's me, but I know there's others out there that can relate. This is just a taste of what rage and anger is like for me.
I just got curious with this one, and as I got going it just started working. Sure it's short, but it sure will get you to think
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