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Personal finance tips and advice including how to manage your debt, credit and income assets to find financial freedom and security
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What to gain a competitive advantage to advance in your career? A business degree from one of the hottest and most internationally known cities in the U.S can help you land your dream job!
Learn why it pays off to invest in your child's education NOW before they are falling behind in their grades (and motivation to stay in school!).
Learn how teachers (and even parents who home-school) can make their education budget go the furthest with online learning tools!
Is your child or student struggling with a new concept, say in math? Have you considered extra help outside of the classroom? Read on for a solutions that won't break the bank.
When renovating your home, costs can skyrocket if not managed carefully. Things such as hiring the proper contractors for specific work, choosing to tackle projects on your own instead of using a professional, and materials relevant to the job all require careful consideration. Before...
Whether you're building a whole new kitchen or would simply like to upgrade the look of your existing one, there's no law that says that you have to spend a huge amount of money. If money is no object, of course, you can choose absolutely anything your heart desires. Even if you're de...
The best flooring options for apartment buildings are both attractive and easy to care for. Maintenance and replacement of floor coverings is a major budget item for rented property. To keep costs down and maintain the building's appearance, it is important to choose floor coverings t...
In August 2011, Standard & Poor reduced the United States’ credit rating from an AAA to an AA+ rating for the first time in nearly a century. This indicates slightly more risk and volatility when it comes to the nation’s creditworthiness and ability to meet debt obligations.
Few investment vehicles offer the same balance of risk and reward that you'll find with a certificate of deposit (CD). When you open a CD, you'll enjoy a secure investment strategy that allows you to accrue interest at a guaranteed rate without worrying about the condition of the econ...
The days when people saved money under their mattresses are gone. Savvy investors now know that accounts with high interest rates provide the best place to store your savings. Many people choose savings accounts in lieu of other investment vehicles because savings accounts are secure ...
Historically, stocks have offered more return on your money in the long run than CD rates; however, you risk your principal with stocks. While stock market volatility creates new opportunities for wealth, it can just as easily create the opposite effect—financial loss.
A certificate of deposit (CD) is a financial instrument that is based on a deposit maintained at the bank for a specific length of time. This product is offered to the public by financial institutions like banks and credit unions. CD rates are the amount of interest the financial inst...
A certificate of deposit is a great, low risk way to save money while earning somewhat better interest than with a regular savings account. Here are a few suggestions for finding and getting the best CD bank rates available.
Certificates of deposit can be a profitable part of your investments – when you take the time to find the best CD rates available to you. Here are some easy ways to find these rates and some tips on how to shop around.
Bank CDs are among the safest investments available today. In order to get the most from your bank CD options, take some time to learn more about how CDs work, where to find them, and what to look out for.
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