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A homemaker with 2 doting kids and a writer with squidoo.
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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne book reveals the power that we have in our hands to create our own destiny.We may never believe this nor understand it,till this book reveals to us how our thoughts shape our destiny.
London City was our first stop on our travelogue this August when I with my family took a European Tour adventure.London is a lovely city, welcoming and had a calming and restful effect on us.
A must gardening gadget or a comfortable tool for all gardeners.Discover gardening comfort here as well as respite during gardening.
The art of public speaking has to be developed and requires hard work. We are all speakers. Still when the occasion arises to speak in front of a gathering we are hesitant. A few a born speakers who have it in them and just go out there and do it. These persons have the inborn abilit...
A craft which is easy and simple as well as therapeutic.So simple and creative to paint on fabrics anyone can do it.
A journey of the spacecraft Dawn from a year long at asteroid Vesta now onward to reaching a dwarf planet Ceres a giant asteroid in the asteroid belt in space in three years from now.
A look at some unique features of the Apple iPhone 5.As compared to its predecessors it is faster and more powerful.The phone is poised to take on its competitors in the smartphone market and become the fastest selling technology gadget in the history of phone sales.Amongst the many p...
Long lazy summer days.There is so much fun in the air and activity to do.A poem on long days of summer.
A new method of cultivation giving better production and fruitful yields is hydroponics.
Cooking technique changes with a touch of the button, with less time and taste retention in the digital microwave cooking.
Go ahead dip it in this for great taste-sauces. Some delectable sauces for you.Go ahead use these as an accompaniment with dishes.These sauces are originally Chinese but can be eaten with any type of cuisine.
Here are a few tips and guidelines to start making money online.The internet is a source and helps many in earning a decent income online.For many who have started very early the internet has helped them in making a steady income whilst for some it is income off and on.
Make your own masks of wild animals from cut-outs.
Going solar the way to save money and also helps to conserve resources and go green.
For many of the automotive owners knowledge about the car mechanics is not only interesting but helpful.Some feel that it helps to understand the vehicle mechanics.For others they love to undertake the repair and maintenance of the vehicle by themselves.A DIY guide is necessary to get...
A one step up to try to remain in focus and keep in touch with your inner self.Just connect.
Man is always fascinated by these by these creatures which existed in antiquity since the advent of the television more eager to know of them.
A spice rack is a must in every household.What it holds depends on the region in which the person resides.The common name which is found in almost every household,shop,alternative medicine shops is black pepper.
The puppets are always a source of fun in every way.Here is a try at the Mr.Punch.
Dark circles under the eyes are caused by a number of elements.Some of these causes are stress,lack of proper sleep,fatigue,medication,diet age.
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