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I am married to Allan. I am a published author and the titles of my books are: Footprints and Out Of The Gutter. I am currently working on my third one.
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Life is not all it seems to be or what we want it to be when we are young. We learn and take some hard knocks, but for some, life is harder than for others.
Where has the old fashioned values gone, respect for others and obeying the law.
He stalked her and bided his time before he made his move.
She felt cheated, she had put her life on hold for him and now he didn't want to know her.
fairness in government and the unfairness of the billions being poured into sport, when other vital services are being cut.
finding life hard and being ignored and a plea from the heart.
When you are going through trying times, it's important to have a friend. But sometimes friendship comes from a stranger and this can lead to a friendship that lasts a lifetime.
When Tara finds a baby on her doorstep, she is unprepared for the outcome.
What happens when the one you love disappears? You feel you have to go and find out where he has gone and hope you succeed.
Dot and Vera enjoyed their Saturday nights. But they soon realised that they were being used by George.
Maisie was well known in the town. People got used to her ways, but only a few people knew why she lived the way she did.
The villagers were rather set in their ways. But with the Gypsies upsetting their little village, they thought they had to take some action.
Clare remembers their dreams for the future and tries to keep them alive for her baby.
Rosie was a bit eccentric much to the disgust of her daughter's future mother in law. But at the wedding, Rosie was the star.
What happens when you live in Northern Ireland, and the land is troubled. You go on holiday and find peace. That's what Bridgette and Shaun did.
Linda and Amy loved car boot sales. But what they found at an aution was something special.
Would Tony enjoy this holiday? He was a stubborn man, and the group were determined he would.
Jack was alone in a foreign place when he hears a cry for help. It is an experience he will never forget.
Sarah had had enough of Darren taking her for granted. After a few days away at her mum's she came to an important decision.
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