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I am 20 years old and an avid fan of writing. I like writing my own poetry and writing books. Currently i am writing the 8th book of Harry Potter.
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Recent pages by MetalNut

Discussion of why law is not free of passion and its importance in the world.
A poem about the serenity and the beauty of isolation
This page will be about what the game of football represents and how this game has touched many hearts.
Families are made by the bonds that we share with each other, the links that we have and the love we give and receive.
This page demonstrates the love for life, power, money and hate. This will also demonstrate the power of the light, love and death.
This page will tell you more about charities and why donations are given to them. These will include charities that actually help those in need.
This page will be about some soccer legends that have come through the game.
This page is about some celebrities that live their lives after being famous actors and actresses.
This page is my own review on the epic Trilogy, The Lord Of The Rings.
This page is about Greek mythology. This page will discuss their different Gods and Goddesses.
This is about the norms and values of society and of mans desolation of the world.
This page is a summarized version of what Religion does, what it is and what it asks of a person.
This is a bit of poetry that will tell you about the experience of emotions and when they clash.
This is about the Bermuda Triangle, one of the many legends that have come to my attention.
This particular page will demonstrate my own brand of what i like to call 'Dark Poetry'. Hope this page is not to sad. Enjoy reading..
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