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I am a secondary teacher of Italian and English and enjoy being in the classroom. As writing is one of my favourite hobbies, I like to write on different genres in a creative style.
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As a woman I discovered that finding a reliable trade person is not always easy, consequently i resorted to deviousness.
The second chapter sees Elizabeth remembering the mining town of Opalgem: how it looked like and the spartan life of the miners lived-the horror of the life in this town in the heart of the Australian outback slowly come back to her.
This is not a stand alone article but the first chapter of a short novel which i would like to publish weekly. It is a fantasy narrative of a young girl from an opal mining town in outback Australia. The story begins with the main protagonist leaving the mining town to re-settle in t...
The ever increasing danger of the Australian coastline through pollution will destroy one of the most unique natural wonders of the world.
Regardless when music is played, its power is so strong that even a stressful time can suddenly vanish.
There are bargains to be found but also quite a lot of left over good no one wants. Read on
Even if we don't want to admit it, technology has changed our lives. Will our brain be able to copy with it? '
People talk of miracles as if they do not exist. In reality, nature is the offers us the greatest miracles
Many young girls dream to be to become famous models, but with every dream there are also nightmares.
On the surface it may appear that most young people complete their secondary education, whereas in reality many have left school by the end of year ten as they feel that they do not have the skills to undertake universities studies. The truth is there are so many other options after Y...
There are many individuals in this world who believe that the role of women is secondary and in many instances of no importance. But is this opinion only been generated through the knowledge that in reality women are stronger and more adaptable to change?
A very expensive venture when imagination takes ove
Today's toys are exact replicas of adults dangerous machines which cause exactly the same tragic fatality amongst children.
Teaching Year 7 is both a delight and a nightmare. why do many teacher still prefer them to other levels?
The mind is the only thing we cannot control. Just like nature, it is cruel and kind at the same time and yet it is part of us, a part we cannot do without it.
Maintaining a home that one loves takes time perseverance and determination.These things fly into the wild blue yonder when a women has to face male tradesmen's, so in order to survive, devious means had to be employed.. tradesmen
Love comes in many different ways and many times in the most unusual way.
All our senses make our lives what it is, but there is one which overrules all others to make us what we are
Insurance policies are there to safeguard people from problematic situations that may occur unexpectedly. But who you may think is the best quite often turns out have taken advantage of you.
When computer games takes over the mind it leaves nothing to the imagination.
Schools may appear all the same, but are they? are you depriving your children success in the future. You may, if you believe that all school are run uniformly.
English is the only compulsory subject at Year 12. So why do so many students performance does not meet the required level? What can be done to overcome this problem? Read on
Media articles attempt to make readers follow their opinion. Learn how to read between the lines and make up your own mind on every issue you read.
The comfort or working from home and the independence in being your own boss is all wrapped up in the beautiful parcel of 'Freelance Writing' But is this a dream or the modern form of slave labour?
The dream to be someone else, turns a boring life into a mysterious reality.
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