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I was born and raised in Bryants Cove, Newfoundland, Canada, in 1957
I enjoy writing Poetry, short stories, and creating videos with Music. My website can be found at
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Poem about a young lad planting an apple seed, growing it into a tree, the young lad grows old and dies, the tree weeps.
A young maiden plucked petals off a Daisy to affirm her love for her young man who died at sea. This is a poem of love.
A cricket did nothing but sing througout the warm summer days. When winter arrived he realized he was too busy singing to store food for the winter. Getting desperate he asked his Uncle to help him thru the lon winter months. His uncle refused to help and the cricket soon realized tha...
A Camel conned his Master to letting him come inside the tent out of the cold thereby forcing his master to go outside
A Farmer had seven sons and wanted to show them they would be much stronger if they stand together and made his point with a bundle of sticks tightly packed. He gave the bundle to each son in turn but neither could break the sticks. He then untied the bundle and handed them one stic...
A true story about how Coffee is grown and made into a Rich aromatic flavor it is today.
A Lion was getting feeble and too old to hunt so he devised a plan to get food to come to him. The Lion pretended he was sick and had other animals come visit him. When they approached near enough the Lion snatched them up and ate them. his is a poem based on this story.
A mouse and a Lion formed a bonded frienship when the tiny mouse freed the Lion from a web set by hunters to trap him.
Tea House Hill is a mountain in St. Anthony where at the summit you will see a heavy boulder blocking the entrance. Inside is the burial ground of Sir Wilfred Grenfell,his Wife, and two Doctors inside.
A true story, A little known and inexpensive bank note a soldier used to cover a leg wound , thus the name Shin Plaster
Lucky Fisherman, Fictious poem about a fisherman who lucks into one of the best catches of a lifetime at sea.
Tavern Advertisements Were a common means of advertising in the ninteenth century for Pubs, Taverns, and Inns. Signs hung over doorways inviting travellers to come inside.
A poem about how Snowbirds forage for food in the long winter months, chirping and singing as they search
A true poem .about a Beagle hunting dog that didn't get the freedom to which he was entitled. Experienced hunters no less said not to make a pet out of him or he will never be a good hunting dog. Even though I raised him this way, I learned that this is far from true on future animals...
My Birthday Present, On my fifth birthday Dad bought me a set of cowboy guns and holster. I was so excited and couldn't wait to show my friends. After a couple of hours my excitement turned to despair, the guns fell apart at my feet.
Newfoundland’s Like Ireland To Me, Fictious poem comparing Ireland to Newfoundland , and the various similarities
My Newfoundland Home, Fictious poem comparing My Newfoundland home to Ireland
In The Fairies is about a man who fell under the spell of fairies and cursed the little people to keep them at bay until he arrived safely home.
Highroads Retiree is a poem about a Highroads worker who retired permanently, passed away and left the job to the younger folk
Happy Site (Bonavista) is a fictional poem illustration how Bonavista was named by John Cabot
Gone But Not Forgotten is about my Great Uncle who planted an apple tree seed when he was but a boy, and about the trees feelings when she knew he'd gone forever
Fairy John is a true story about a man who spent 20 years in bed traumatized by what people categorized as being Fairy Flicked or scared out of his wits by the wee people "FAIRIES."
Enough Is Enough about a fisherman who goes ice fishing and the weather is way too cold, so cold he packs up his gear including the worm and leaves
Cod Tongues is a poem written about the foolish choices some individuals make when choosing what they eat. How they decide, I will never know.
How To Be A Newfoundlander is a poem about the qualifications needed to be a Newfoundlander, a how-to for mainlanders
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