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I love to write and interact....I am a teacher/housewife and a mother of three grown up children..
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The more outgoing and social you are the better your chances of keeping away heart diseases
Here are some ideas that are useful and practical that can easily be implemented in your home. Creating an illusion of space can be easily done by making a few simple and practical changes and additions within your home .
Mind Power is a book for everyone who want to maximise their potential and take charge of their own destiny.The Author Christian Godefroy is a specialist in positive thinking and auto suggestions. The book claims to increase one's creativity, boost one's self esteem, overcome addictio...
To define Vaastu Shastra - Vaastu , which means physical environment and Shastra meaning knowledge or principles, is one of the traditional Hindu canons of town planning and architecture.Its current popularity stems from its focus on a wholesome approach to space and form...
Both the good times and the bad times in our lives are connected and are inseparable..
Marigold flowers are a very popular garden flower, a beautiful yellow flower that add cheer and brightness to any garden and they are among some of the easiest flowers to grow..
Yogurt has become an integral part of our diet. In fact it is now being hailed as health food . Yogurt is nothing but bacterial fermentation of milk , a process which produces Lactic acid. Yogurt has a history dating back to almost 6000 years.
In the good old days when Joint families were the norm, there was shelter and place for all the members and the elder members of the family were given a lot of respect.
Ayurveda, being one of the most ancient body of knowledge on health is not confined to medicine only, it covers the whole subject of life in its various ramifications.
Making and using home made beauty products , You can make for pennies what you're spending dollars on at the store ,
Our happiness or the lack of it is in our own hands . Sometimes , simple things in life give us much more happiness ..
If you were told that it is not at all difficult to lose weight and it does not require money, other than some initial investment which I am sure you will be more than happy to spend, I am sure you will definitely go for it.
Making your house look beautiful and inviting is not a difficult task. With a few basic tips one can have a warm and inviting home .
We need to give space in any relationship including our children. What is important is that your children are making their own place in the world and being responsible, nothing else matters .
We see that most people are struggling to make both ends meet and have aspirations to make some decent money to better their lives. Money is the most essential thing in life and many of our problems originate because of it, either because of the lack of it or having too much of it . T...
There are many myths surrounding Asthma and people tend to fear and take far too many precautions therby making the person suffering from Asrhma become even more stressed which slowly deteriorates the quality of life of the person suffering from Asthma.
Vivien Leigh was one of the most beautiful actresses of all times.Some of her notable and popular films were, other than the most well known ' Gone with the Wind ' , 'Waterloo Bridge' with Robert Taylor ,' A streetcar named desire' with Marlon Brando,'Ceasar and Cleopatra' with Claude...
. The majority of the members fall under this category of getting one or two payments and then contributing with the hope of getting future payments
When we enjoy what we are doing concentration becomes effortless and you dont even realise or feel tired. Energy is the currency of life and without it there is simply no life.A range of strategies covering diet,exercise and some practical and impartial psycho analysis can definitely ...
When one has the convenience to make compost at home using Vegetable waste, Fruit peel and other degradable kitchen waste one can be sure of providing healthy food for plants..
Hibiscus flowers and the plant has medicinal properties.In most parts of India no garden is complete without at least one hibiscus plant.Most home gardens and public parks have a variety of hibiscus plants with colorful flowers..
One can easily detect the health and well being of an individual by looking into the eyes and Many researchers are of the opinion that eye structure and personality could be linked .
Religion is more like an institution which has become very complicated as years went by and the institution got firmly rooted in our society . But belief in God gives people the strength to face difficulties.
Madhubani is a hilly forest terrain in the state of Bihar in Eastern India Madhubani paintings are very pretty and attractive and well recognized by their distinct style .
Most garden lovers swear that they feel better the moment they are amidst their plants..
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