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I am a stay at home mom who just finds the simplest joys through writing about my family, life and experiences.
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The writer comes back to life! It has been months since I have put most of my time into writing. And I am hoping that I could get back to my normal routine again.
It is now 2013, and yet some people would still raise an eyebrow when they see a couple of the same sexual orientation having a relationship. Shouldn't we just accept them as they are and move on?
This is about an institution that was intended to help the mentally challenged and disabled at the state of Pensylvannia. It was put up to provide care but ended up otherwise.
How do you perceive a person? Is it through his personality or his physical appearance? If you were placed in a close room meeting and was made to hear a presentation and you were moved but when the speaker came out looking trashy, would you still stick with your first impression?
Because of the tough times, people now have opted to work in the comforts of their homes to earn something, hoping that an online job would help them put food on their table.
Technology gave us the ease on making things easier for us. Communications are faster, dissemination of information can be sent to millions of people in just one click. But along with these wonderful things that technology gave us, some people have made things to the disadvantage of o...
The first thing we blame for the cause of having “halitosis” is a decayed tooth. But really, more than that, there can be other causes which we have never thought possible.
Not all time will we be able to be in sync with other people’s ideas and opinions. So, when this happens, what to do we do?
Not all married women are lucky to have a good marriage. No woman would have submitted themselves into marriage if they knew that they would only feel trapped in the long run.
We dream of things, events and people. We may not have the control over what we want to dream about. But dreams certainly lets us realize that there are certain events that we like to hold on to.
How do you go through life? Do you take risks or you always play it safe?
When you look at a situation, how you see it may be different with how others see it.
Kids may one time or another find themselves getting things from their friends and playmates. It should not be tolerated but really it happens. But when does simple getting of something become a "disease of the society"?
Technology may have offered us the convenience of being able to learn new things in one click.Unfortunately, being in a Third World Country, public school children do not have the means to own their own tablets to be able to help them with their school work.
As we go through our life, we experience a lot of challenges in life. And we tend to see more of the bad than the good.
Technology indeed gave us ease on a lot of things. Our works are easier because of the machines and computers that have been perfected over the years. But what has technology done to us as a person?
You may have been one time very introvert during your younger years. You would often see other kids your age to be much ahead of you in terms of having the latest toys, clothes, shoes and even being in the best schools which one would dream of. Of course, everything is all material wh...
Feast or not, roasted food are always part of the dinner table. Just be amazed at how much Filipinos have found several ways to roast their food.
A relationship is sometimes not ruined by one another's indifference. Sometimes, it is the society that pushes one to make a mistake. Circumstantial? Probably.....
It has never occurred to me how a life of an old priest would have been spent after their supposedly retirable years. It was never in my mind until one time when I was flipping through channels on tv and saw this.
Filipinos are very well known to have such distinct characteristics. Two of them are being generous and hospitable. You may see a lot of not so well to do families who would still offer their help for as long as they know that they can be of assistance to anyone who is in need of it.
People just are not satisfied with what they have. That they try to change the way they look over time. The question is: Is it because they worry about what people may think about them or is it more on just vanity?
I am sharing with you how good friends turned into lovers and have managed to keep the relationship bloom even more.
I have known a lot of people who has made a big turn-around with their lives-from being poor to someone who was able to be successful. My dad was not from a wealthy family. He had to be a cigarette vendor when he was in Grade School so he can have an allowance that he will use to buy ...
It is almost impossible not to let a tear drop whenever I think about my dad. He was a strict dad when I was young. He was mostly out of the country to finish his Masters Degree, Ph.D. and Post Doctorate degree in Marine Biology. He was a scholar under the Japanese foundation- +MOMBU...
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